Beginning May 15, 2016, we will begin to transition our factory audit program to a 3rd party provider, Asia Inspection. They will perform Social/Ethical and C- TPAT factory audits for Big Lots. AsiaInspection will contact you directly when your factory is selected for an audit. At that time, you will have approximately two weeks to book your factory audit through the Asia Inspection website. Our goal is to audit all of our factories within the next three years. We have enclosed an introductory letter from Asia Inspection, as well as copies of both audits with details about the items to be inspected at the factory. While you are responsible for all audit expenses, Big Lots has negotiated a reduced rate of $609 for each audit for any facility with up to 500 employees. Please contact carrie.tan@AsiaInspection.com, or Cheryl.ador@AsiaInspection.com if you have any questions.

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